Label: Albino Recordings Release date: October 26th Website: Paw Paw Myspace Paw Paw instantly recall the summer infatuation with pulsing synths, boy-girl melodies and catchy harmonies yet infuse them with autumnal sensibilities. Shying away from the predictable drops and fight-pop cacophony of contemporaries, PP, as their name suggests take a more softly-softly approach. Wired Ok is the essential track of the single, and more broadly speaking a pretty unique proposition. Sci-fi cadences and an idiosyncratic chorus are offset by unusually clear enunciation. The whole thing reeks of an unintentional anti-scene stance; as though Paw Paw didn’t exactly decide to try and not sound like Passion Pit or Friendly Fires, rather are completely oblivious to their existence. Strange Reaction sounds, most pleasingly, like Pulp having a go at New Romantic synth-pop with a melancholy gameboy. The last third of the track is the strongest; all cut-up female vox set to electronic bleeps and a languorous arpeggio. The accompanying remix entitled ‘5am dread’ splices the track into something more akin to IDM. It works nicely as a companion piece, putting a more sinister slant on the tune that lends the now unsettling vocals more impact. As a single, this is good stuff. As a band, Paw Paw seem scattered; they’re definitely not jumping onto any bang-wagons, nor are they pointedly flying in the face of convention. In short, they lack any real agenda, the urgency or the vitriol to fuel their tracks. In a sense this is no bad thing, and for better or for worse, Paw Paw leave you wondering exactly where their paw-prints are leading. Rating: 7/10