Scottish trio PAWS have announced the release of their fourth album: it's to be called Your Church On My Bonfire and comes out on April 26 through Ernest Jenning Record Co. The album was produced by fellow Scotsman Andy Monaghan, who embellished the band's softer side, which should work nicely in conjunction with the themes of the record, which are explained by PAWS' singer Phillip Taylor:

“This record documents the last three years of my life. It focuses lyrically on themes like hindsight with regards to personal relationships and people that are no longer a part of your life, especially those that may have made a large impact on you and your development as a person, as well as change and developing to your surroundings as they shift around you.”

The first single to be shared is 'Not Enough', a rumbling rocker with its edges rounded into a lovely fuzz, beautifully extrapolating on the anhedonic feeling of the track. PAWS' anthemic nature is still well intact, with 'Not Enough' possessing a sweeping, festival-ready chorus and the kind of fraught emotionality that has earned them a devoted fanbase. Though 'Not Enough' does shave off some of the band's rougher edges, the result, both musically and emotionally, is thunderous.

Check out the video for 'Not Enough' below

PAWS' Your Church On My Bonfire is out April 26th (pre-order) and they have these live dates planned:

Mar 12th - 17th | Austin, TX - SXSW
May 10th | Glasgow - CCA
May 11th | Edinburgh - Summerhall
Jul 19th | Scotland - Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival
Aug 02nd | Scotland - Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival