Pay It Forward is about getting a music-based recommendation from an artist we like, then asking another artist we like to review it. The cycle will continue every two weeks until the end of the year.

Taking the Pay It Forward challenge this week is the wonderful Bear's Den:

Story Books - 'Simple Kids'

We asked DENA to have a listen to the band's track suggestion. Here's what she thought:

Story Books is a band I haven't heard of until right now. This is an amazingly photographed and edited video. The images are beautifully shot and carry the vibe of a certain loneliness and sadness mixed with a desire or regret over a past love, or something. One can kinda sense that the band is from the UK, the latest by seeing the buildings and the environment in the video. Wondering if the main character is in the band or if it's the story of someone else. There is a certain boredom depicted in the video, a feel of nothingness while growing up, that is very beautiful. I like what I understand of the lyrics and the moments when they punch in on certain verse-beats. It almost gives a poppy moment to the more of an indie sound of the song, defined by heavy drums, moody guitars and dramatical piano/synth chords.

Remember to look out for the next installment of 'Pay It Forward', as DENA will be leaving a track behind for a mystery artist...

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