Pay It Forward is about getting a music-based recommendation from an artist we like, then asking another artist we like to review it. The cycle will continue every two weeks until the end of the year.

Taking the Pay It Forward challenge this week is the amazing Ghosting Season, who we're very fond of.

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Spaceape - 'On The Run'

When we first heard it, we were blown away as it sounds nothing like anything else around at the moment. The sound of it is pretty out there - so frenetic and energetic! We really love the sample, as we've always been drawn to really strange sounds and odd rhythms from out of nowhere (it's a sample of Haitian vodou ritual music), and we're massive fans of Spaceape's stuff anyway from his collaborations with Kode9, so it was great to see him unleash something so crazy!

We asked Luke from Stagecoach to take a listen to Ghosting Season's track suggestion. Here's what he thought:

I found this track instantly intriguing. It begins with what sounds like some distant street band in a bustling north African bazaar. Whistles, drums, pots and pans and anything that can be found are joining the party. It's a pretty sparse production as that sample is all that lays the carpet for the vocal. There's no melody as such, more a relentless percussion pattern. It really reminded me of 'Black Steel' by Tricky especially when the female vocal comes in (very Martina) I wanted the track to progress and build further but it doesn't, perhaps that's the point? It's hypnotic but not in a good way. I got pretty bored with this track and didn't want a repeat play. It does leave me wondering what the rest of their repertoire might sound like but ultimately not for me.

Remember to look out for the next installment of 'Pay It Forward', as Luke from Stagecoach will be leaving a track behind for a mystery artist...