In January we brought you 'Volcano', the debut single from London-based Spanish producer Pablo Serrano, aka PBSR, along with the promise of more to follow. Now comes the follow up in the form of 'Holding', a song that is more electronic-focused but no less emotionally involving.

The song sets itself out on dancefloor-flirting clicks and bloops, before Serrano washes over it with broad and warm synth sounds. Into this arena comes his voice, shifting about in different compressions and panning, making the insecurity of the lyrics more potent. Just when you think you can feel the song building, Serrano cuts back into a moment of whisper-thin synths and his sustained falsetto striving to reach across this barren scape. He then expertly brings the propulsive elements back in for 'Holding''s crushing finale.

Speaking about the song's genesis, he says: "Holding was the last song I wrote for the EP. It is one of the most intense songs I've ever written, after I struggled to find myself and my mind space in London, and I think the song conveys that fragility. it includes some ambient recording from the Tate, where I spent quite some time during this period."

Listen to 'Holding' below.

PBSR's debut EP is called ...and dusky doors and comes out through Yucatan Records on April 27th. Follow PBSR on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.