Peace have released their brand new single ‘Power’. It’s a soon-to-be unifying anthem between the band and their fans at their notoriously raucous and tribal live shows. This is Peace 2.0; new label, new tunes and a surefire statement of intent from the Worcestershire four-piece.

“Hey wake up and smell the lavender!” the song begins, with the sprawl of full-blown guitars and fruity rhythms that will please any long-standing fan of the Delicious EP from 2012. This is the sound of Peace with expanded, clearer horizons. Produced by Simone Felice (The Lumineers, Bat For Lashes) in the mountains of Woodstock, USA, ‘Power’ was inspired by an enormous lightning storm that took place over the valley one night.  About the song, singer Harry Koisser says:

“I watched a giant, pulsating, lightning bolt land near the farmhouse & I instantly associated it with the electricity and power of the kids we'd been quaking with for the last five years at our shows.  I was inspired to write a song that was answer to their question. I guess it ended up being a call to arms.  Power is a song about booting down the door to delirious glory & charging heart first into the world-wide banquet of love”

Listen to ‘Power’ below.