One (perhaps the only) positive about the current state of the less-than-United Kingdom is the readiness of its artists to comment on the state of affairs, and the surprisingly insightful tone that many take. Peaness are not only an instantly charming indie pop trio, they’ve actually found a grown-up position to take on the question facing us all; how to draw some positive from what seems a hopeless situation.

‘Breakfast’ is their first output since touring Europe with the hyperactive Kero Kero Bonito, and peels back the layers of cynicism and closed, bloody-mindedness that we’ve all built up over the last few years. Lyrics like "I'm trying to grow into the person that I see/ I wanna help and I wanna be worthy… but i'm not really sure exactly what they're hoping for/ I'm not really sure they knew what they were in for," can’t help but endear them to me.

“We wrote this song when Brexit became a thing and we called it Breakfast because the only funny thing about Brexit is that people kept saying Breakfast,” say the band.

“Will it be worth it? What was wrong with amity? What’s this all about?” That sense of unruffled positivity helps make the band’s giddy pop hard not to love.

Peaness are back on tour from next month; catch them in Europe and the UK while we’re still, technically, wedded.

20th July Benicassim Spain
25th July Band on the Wall Manchester
26th July Indietracks
28th July Kendall Calling
10th August Boardmasters
12th October Twisterella Festival Middlesbrough