With only one officially released track to its name prior, 2017’s ‘Flames,’ Manchester synth-pop duo Pearl City Your text to link...(made up of Greta Edith and Nick Delap) is finally back with another new single, ‘Down By The Tree,’ paired with one of the more incredibly choreographed videos anyone will see in this year.

A resounding yet yearnful amalgamation of icy keys, a warmly-tinted bassline, thrashing drum beats and Edith’s celestial vocal release, ‘Down By The Tree’ brims with a palpable wistfulness. And though the atmosphere is sentimental, this track hints at the duo’s mesmerizing potential of making emotive pop music for the future.

Not to be lost amidst this sonic realm of glacial escapism, the directing duo of Grandmas pairs Pearl City’s vibrant single with a video that appears, initially, to contrast the music at hand. Set in a bleak pub, the video features an emotionally-pained and visually beaten individual sitting and drinking a pint alone. However, the character’s radiating sadness and anger become too much to bear. So he arrises from his seat and begins twisting, throwing and contorting his body in a beautifully violent manner, liberating any pent up sorrow inside.

Watch the spellbinding official music video for ‘Down By The Tree’ above and follow Pearl City on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.