Awesome artwork by Suzi Kemp

The Archway Syndrome, a new club night based in, you guessed it, Archway, at Dusk 'til Dawn, have snagged one of the hottest looking lineups out there for their gig this Friday 5th August. They've got a triptych of fashionably cool and great bands by the names of Peepholes, The Murder Act and Blood Music to play, and all three promise to put on a stunning show.

Peepholes are possibly the most blogged about band without ever "making it". All the tastemakers that should make them popular (Vice, Pitchfork, Us) have raved about their sound but without ever making them huge. They can still be your secret, and if the duo's performance at the 1-2-3-4 Shoredich Festival last month is anything to go by, they put on a damn fine show too.

For fans of early Factory Floor, The Murder Act are some damn fine musicians that make the sort of music that waved two fingers to the fop haired Le Bon's of the 80's. Druggy, doped, heavy Kraut a la Julian Cope playing with Ian Curtis, it's amongst the finest post punk out there at the moment.

I Sing by The Murder Act

Finally, Blood Music. Blood Music are the closest the current London scene can get to a super group at the moment, sporting members from Xaviers, Bo Ningen, 5 Seconds Exposure and Patient Saints, they make some shockingly good drone base psychedelic kraut. Live, that wall of sound is going to be overwhelming and stunning, as it often is with psych bands. If you liked The Horrors' latest but wished it could be heavier and denser, this is your band.

Unending Blues by Blood Music

Go check out their Facebook page for more details!