Peluché are a trio of diversely talented women based in London who use their various backgrounds, influences and abilities to create engrossing music. Their new single is called 'Scared After All' and is more personal than ever. Built around beckoning brass and alluring bass, the song is soulful but shy, as our singer invites us in closer, singing "touch my body," but is full of nerves and innocent excitement at the intimacy. As 'Scared After All' draws out luxuriously, the various elements of the music meld together like a shroud of warm breath and the various vocals shine out alluringly from the midst of it. Listen to Peluché's 'Scared After All' below.

'Scared After All' is the first release to come out on Peluché's own Big Teddy Records. They will be playing at London's Corsica Studios on November 2nd; tickets here.