Penelope Isles are the Brighton-based foursome that have released a string of beautifully fuzzed-out pop-rock singles, leading up to the release of their debut album Until The Tide Creeps In, which comes out on July 12th through Bella Union.

The latest single is 'Leipzig', a track that swithers between jangle-pop charm and big and blocky chunks of guitar with the ease of a firefly dashing in and out of candlelight - and the effect is just as magnetic. Penelope Isles' music is full of youthful energy and euphoria, easily conjuring a palpable sense of hazy nostalgia that's perfect for long summer days spent contemplating life. 'Leipzig' leans even further into the feeling of lost time by repeating the resounding chorus "what was it even like before?" in such mellifluous tones that it remains echoing in your head several more times after the track has concluded.

Fittingly, the video for 'Leipzig' was filmed while touring Germany, with the band explaining:

"We filmed the video in Berlin, Munich, Hannover, Diest and Luxembourg whilst on tour in Europe last year. We would constantly be on the lookout for perfect spots along the way and would keep our jeans and white t shirts folded up in a pile in the van ready to go. It's funny that we actually forgot to shoot anything whilst in Leipzig! Although the shot of of J Sow playing drums in the woods looks very picturesque, we were actually all surrounded by German truck driver's roadside turds! We had a laugh making the video and were all very impressed by Becky's moves on the bridge in Munich! Germany is one of our favourite places to tour and it feels lovely to have these places within our music video."

Watch the video, directed and edited by Jack Wolter, below.

Penelope Isles' debut album Until The Tide Creeps In is out July 12th on Bella Union (pre-order).

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