There's been a sort of resurgence in the post-rock and math-rock scene in the UK as of late, and one band that has the chops to carry the tradition (and evolution) of the genre is Penguins Kill Polar Bears with their second EP, Vessels & Veins.

It's easy to drop a band into the post-rock/math-rock genre; a certain time signature, some overdrive/chorus in the guitar and a million notes being thrown around. That being said, it's a hard game to master, so I'm naturally partial to bands of this genre. But again, let's concentrate on this band.

'Lungs' is cinematic. The slightly downbeat mood goes for longing in its second half, resulting in a lot of atmosphere. The cracking EP opener is followed by 'Wish With Worry', a slower, more aggressive romp through post-rock sensibilities. The song is slow, but not lethargic, it means business (specially drumming-wise) and it shows its sharp teeth.

Changing the pace comes 'Between The Tide'; introspective, moody and with some dreamy arpeggios, the song rises like the sun in a winter morning, raising the temperature (and the tempo) slowly until climaxing.

Alas, Vessels & Veins is an EP, so it has to be short and ever so sweet. 'Something Old', continues the ideas kicked around by the other three songs but still manages to stick out from the pack.

Vessels & Veins is a cool little EP with some interesting ideas and some really great tracks, and if you like your math-rock with a dreamy backbone, then go for it.