People Club is a five-piece based in Berlin who write personal indie songs with soulful undertones. They've just announced that they'll be releasing a new EP called Kil Scott on November 15th. They've also shared a track called 'Perfume', which they tell us:

"The initial idea for this song was brought in by our guitarist Saxon, who, like so many, struggled to cope with the divorce of his parents during his childhood. ‘Perfume’ is a deeply personal contemplation of these experiences, told from the perspective of an anguished lover seeking affection from her partner. Despite her efforts, she receives no love but remains dedicated, but heartbroken forever."

That idea of being dedicated, despite only being dealt heartbreak by your love, haunts 'Perfume'. The song has wafts of regret and longing, as our singer applies the spray, or puts on a favourite record, in a desperate attempt to emotionally reconnect with her formerly betrothed - but it doesn't help, she can see the truth: "you are forgetting about me." People Club infuse 'Perfume' with that sadness, but don't fail to include the more groovy element, which gives us hope that our singer will sashay away into a new love soon enough.

Perfume Club's Kil Scott EP will be out on November 15th (pre-order). Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.