I came across Pepe Deluxe in my formative years, way back when mix CDs from my more alternative friend Abi were about the only recourse I had to music other than Blink 182 and Slaves On Dope. Or it might have been a few years later when I was already starting to listen to electro that my DJ friend Paul dutifully supplied to me. Either way their joyous bounce and big beats won me over instantly, and 'Just Let Go' (from second album Beatitude) sounds as effortlessly sexy and laconically cool now as it did then.

Now onto their fourth album, Pepe Deluxe have evidently figured that new songs and publicity material just aren't going to cut it, because they set their hearts on having the world's largest musical instrument on record. Deep in the Virginian Luray caves it ponderously resides, The Stalacpipe Organ. It took the band five years to be able to record the first original composition on the subterranean behemoth (due to repairs) but at least they got the bemused looks of thousands of tourists and a seriously novel sound as a result.

Check out the explanatory Organ video on The 405 TV section.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ was conceived in the fifties by a musician, mathematician and inventor named Leland W. Sprinkle. Sprinkle's son Robert hit his head on a stalactite, producing a sound that inspired Sprinkle to invent the instrument, carved into the Luray cave from the naturally occurring stalactites themselves." Back to us now. The new album, 'Queen of the Wave' is due for release in January, and it's sure to be a pretty audacious musical expedition. Main man Spectrum (aka Jari Solo) and and newly appointed permanent band member and multi instrumentalist Paul Malmstrom have worked with no less than a heavy metal drummer, a prolific actress, an opera singer and members from various Finnish bands including Husky Rescue and Iceland's Múm in pursuit of The New Sound.

  • Some other great organs:
  • Hammond
  • Hydraulis (thought to be the original organ, a Greek water powered organ played by valves)
  • Magrepha - Ancient Hebrew organ of ten pipes.
  • Pan pipes - essentially the precursor to 'modern' organs.
  • The Human Heart