Exciting LA-based pop artist and producer Perera Elsewhere gave us a glimpse of her talent on 2013's slow-burning debut album Everlast. For those instantly hooked into Elsewhere' unique groove, it's been a long wait for a follow up, but today the news has been announced: Perera Elsewhere's second album is called All Of This and will arrive on June 2nd via Friends of Friends - that's the amazing album art above.

All Of This was written and recorded in Berlin, Istanbul, and Mumbai over the course of three years, and finds the young artist exploring all types of down-tempo, bassy and poppy sounds to express her current emotional state. You can get the first taste of this through lead single 'Something's Up' below.

All Of This tracklist:

    1.Something’s Up
  • 2.The Other Side
  • 3.Happened
  • 4.Tomorrow South
  • 5.Karam
  • 6.Big Heart
  • 7.Girl From Monotronica
  • 8.All Of This
  • 9.Shoes
  • 10.Runaway
  • 11.Weary

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