Last night a woman fell overboard at the Mad Decent Boat Party, the elaborate booze cruise set up by Diplo's label, Mad Decent (obviously). A statement from the vessel operators Norwegian Cruise Lines, she was seen "intentionally going overboard while the ship was sailing the Yucatan Channel."

They continue: "The ship’s crew immediately initiated rescue measures, including deploying three rescue boats and notifying the Coast Guard and other relevant authorities. The search for the guest is ongoing. Both the ship and charter company teams are providing support to the family and all impacted guests during this difficult time."

What could cause a person to want to "intentionally" jump from the ship, that's the question here.

The ship was scheduled to sail from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico, and back again between 11th and 15th November; as you can see from the picture above, it's basically a flagship of EDM and the unbridled hedonism and flimsy egalitarianism that seems to surround the "genre." See below for a photo of the lifeboats going out into the dark to search for the missing woman last night.