I was drawn to reviewing this by the description of 'psychedelic, electronic', reasoning that this sounds like my cup of tea. I was quite wrong; this is the sort of bleepy stuff I didn't think I could abide.

Track one on Spontaneous Generation is 'Spontaneous Generation'; a song that sounds like the sort of music generated by an algorithm for an alien porn film, or the sort of tune that would be dreamed up by a robot Thom Yorke . It has a disorientating effect on you when played through headphones that at first felt like too much to take in, especially at 20 minutes long, but listening again you can see the grain a little clearer, feel the undulations on your fingertip where it has been hand-tooled. The repetition works to a point, to my mind this could be about 5 minutes shorter than it is, but this way you have that chunk 4 times, so you get your moneys worth.

There's little to no information about Personable available, so I have no idea what his influences are, it could be PWL, but this has a Kraftwerkian feel, and inevitable comparisons can be made to The Aphex Twin… I'm sorry my sphere of references aren't able to make more contemporary comparisons.

In my search for information about Personable, which is one of those hard to Google names, I stumbled across a link on Wikipedia to the practice of Sex magic, which is fittingly in line with the whole alien porn film idea. Worringly the first thing invoked on this page was the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I suspect this will be the only review of this record to mention them, and for that I am sorry. However, the link is that track two is called 'Billions of Christic Atoms', and the sex magic link is what came up when I searched for that. It's all to do with "crossing the active (phallus) and passive (uterus) creative organs causes lunar, solar and akashic currents to flow through the Brahmanic cord." None of this tells you anything about the tune, but it is educational. The tune itself is just the 8 minutes, and follows in a similar vein to track one. It's an oddly beautiful tune, particularly from about 3 minutes in where rhe repeated keyboard motif starts to feel just a little bit 'euphoric'.

Final track, 'Series of Energies' seems to come from a similar place as 'Billions of Christic Atoms' in terms of titular origin, but offers another string to the bow for Personable. It's a much more bass driven track, which a low throb ever present.

I have to admit I would find it hard to separate these tracks in a line up, but they have opened some doors for me to go and explore some new styles. If you want to recommend any, let me know, otherwise, get hold of this, and start retaining. NB. The two things are not intrinsically linked.