Lina's photography captures various realms of still life that range from fashion, personal portraits and diaries, and 'leftovers.' Her photography breathes stark realities in both black/white and colour film, and what's emotionally emitted in her work are the bare & basic, minimal, emotions that we experience everyday. Most of her photo diaries (aka, albums) figuratively captivate the anatomies of life and of human relationships, affection, seasons, and nature. I guess what I enjoy most is the simplicity of the pictures and how faint tinges of delicate sadness to slight traces of ethereal bliss are evoked through and through. How Lina translates everyday life in connection with a raw sense of nature in gradual shift between seasons is inspiring...all this creativity becomes documented in her sensual/frisky photographic diaries that depict the simple and basic life: from sitting on rooftops, eating at diners, to getting intimate or playful in bed... Lina Scheynius (check out her site, her photos are bound in a catalog-like book that can be purchased) a selection of favourites: