Last night MTV kindly invited The 405 down to the preview screening of their latest documentary, 'Pete Doherty in 24 Hours'. Admittedly we thought we were in for the ride of our lives. If Petes past run ins with the media were anything to go by we were settling down for an hours worth of sex, drugs and rock and roll but were stunned to find the complete opposite! Instead of the usual sighs of disgruntled viewers who are watching only to see something go wrong, there was plenty of smiles and laughter, and not at Petes expense, which poses the question on everyones lips, has Pete gone straight!? The premise was that MTV would invade Pete Doherty for the 24 Hours leading up to a fashion shoot/acoustic gig he was doing at pub in Camden (Funnily enough that very day Me & Samantha walked past the pub to see what the pub was like without knowing what was going on!). The results were fascinating and mainly because it completely destroyed his media image. Rather than being the devil, Doherty came across as being a funny, smart and very entertaining guy, which is pretty much the polar opposite of how he's portrayed. The documentary also showed the naive said of his personality which could end up destroying him. Graham Coxon summed it up well by calling him a "Scumbag magnet". Myself (Oliver) and Samantha both have different opinions on this guy. I for one am not his biggest fan, but I certainly have enough intelligence in me to realise the potential he has. Samantha on the other hand, is, and always has been, a Pete fan. Even with that said we both agree that MTV have done a good job here and regardless of whether or not you like the guy we recommend you watch it once it's released. Listen: MP3: Pete Doherty - New Love Grows On Trees