What started off as an impulsive side-project between label mates Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham, Peter and Kerry, nearly a decade ago, has continued to grow and build momentum at a gradual pace and to increasingly rewarding results. Having focused on their solo careers in between 2012's La Trimouille and last September's comeback single, 'Cold Hugs', the lapse in time has only served to strengthen their artistic chemistry.

Where their debut was bursting with synth-driven folk-pop, 'Cold Hugs' saw them grounding themselves and settling into a more soulful sound. Their newest single, 'They Know God (But I Know You)', finds them continuing to further develop and refine that sound. An understated piano ballad that, in some ways, feels closer to a modern gospel number, it's a direct and powerful statement about the strength both given and received in close relationships.

Outside of some unintrusive keyboards and minimal vocal effects, the arrangements are stripped to Leatham's voice and gently rolling pianos with the sound bare enough you can literally hear the keys being pressed. Leatham has always possessed a stirring and gorgeous voice and in these settings, it flourishes untethered.

A far cry from their comparatively restless debut, the added focus, and breathing room reveal how much their collective songwriting has grown. What's also gratifying about it is, despite how much time has passed since we last heard from them, Peter and Kerry sound as if they were here all along.