Label: Wichita Records Release Date: 23/03/09 Link: At then end of this month Peter Bjorn and John will attempt to take over the world again by releasing their latest single, 'Nothing To Worry About'. But is it any good? Simple answer. Yes. It's more than just good, it's out of this world good. I'm not gonna cliam that I'm a fan of this band as I find them fairly hit and miss but you just can't argue with a song like this. It's good their trademark popiness but with the catchiness of JUSTICE (minus the synths of course). Ok, it borders on the repetitive at times but it's overall feel, which is perfectly summed up in the video (below), more than makes up for that. Kanye West apparantly loves it, so expect his version of the song by the end of the week! I can almost guarantee you that this song is going to get rammed down your throats for the next few months but guess what? Let them...It's bloody brilliant. Rating: 9.5/10