Release date: 06/10/08 Link: Buy: Amazon UK "Wha wha,Wha wha,Wha,Wha. Wha,Wha, Wha. Wha wha, Wha wha, Wha, Wha, Wha" I'm sure the above makes little to no sense to you but that's as close as I could get to writing down that annoying whistle from their smash hit 'Young Folks'. I probably should have just written it down in musical form. Mmmm. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that whether you like it or not you've probably heard that song before. In fact you've probably heard it a lot. Did you like it? For me it depended on the situtation. Hearing a load of idiots on a bus every so often whistling it certainly didn't do the song any favours in my ears but the odd occasion when I was completely drunk, namely Glastonbury 2007, it seemed to work. Not long after the hype died down I gave Writers Block a go and i'd like to say it was a giant let down but to be quite honest I wasn't expecting much anyway. This leaves us with their latest release, Seaside Rock, which happens to be a limited run Vinyl release. Unlike Writers Block this release is 90% instrumental and their homage to the country they grew up in, Sweden. Having never been to Sweden before I can't really comment on how accurate this homage is but what I can say is it's nowhere near as bad as half the reviews I've read so far on it. Ok so a lot of the pop warmth they displayed on Writers Block has disappeared (mainly due to the lack of vocals) but in replace of that they've managed to create a body of music that seems to fit in well with the present season. That's something I can relate too. My only criticism is that for what it is, it seems to lack any sort of direction. I see it as a mood piece, something that you would probably listen to from start to finish on a freezing cold trip trip to work but for that to work you need to have consistency. A lot of the songs on this album seems to head butt each other in the worst kind of way. Which is shame really. If you're looking for an album full of catchy whistle song's then I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed but if you're looking to pass the time when sat around a log fire this winter then I guess this could do the job. Rating: 5.9/10