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Singer-songwriter Peter Broderick hasn't had the easiest time of it in the last couple of years. Illness forced him to uproot his Berlin home and travel back to the States for recovery, drastically reducing the musician's output. However, music is often the best form of catharsis, and '(Colours of the Night) Satellite' is the sound of Peter Broderick finding his feet (and his guitar) once more. Intensely emotional and beautifully succinct in its 5 track form, the EP is a circa-20 minute piece of heart-wrenching minimalism.

Lyrically, the EP takes the theme of rejuvenation. 'Colours of the Night' speaks of emerging from the darkness and into the light, a common theme in popular music but lent an extra degree of sincerity knowing Broderick's past. There are two different versions of the track, one of which is a Dub remix by friend and fellow composer Greg Haines. Where the standard 'Satellite' version fits the traditional mould of singer songwriter material and the intimate sound that comes with it, the dub version adds a much colder, darker atmosphere that demonstrates the songs versatility in its ability to work in both a positive and negative setting.

The variation of different styles is another salient theme on the EP. While the two different 'Satellite' versions are completely different sonically, 'Love Defines You' has no instruments what so ever. Broderick's voice is all that is on display, and on stunning form. It is a song about reminiscence, and reacquainting himself with America after living in Berlin. It has a definite sense of overcoming hardship and finding strength in weakness: "...I do think my troubles refine me..." Broderick's lyrics and vocal changes swelling with hope. This is a release that he needed to make, and is a welcome stepping stone on the path to full recovery and, therefore, his next full-length.

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