Actress/musician Peyton List is unveiling her latest video ‘Don’t Cry’. You may know the young star from her roles on Disney’s hit TV shows Jessie and Bunk’d, but List has now rebranded herself as pop phenomenon not to be messed with. ‘Don’t Cry’ follows the release of her debut single ‘Liar Liar’ which rocketed to success, garnering applause from fans and music critics alike. The new visuals are set to closely follow suit, being titled an ‘electro-pop banger’ featuring Spotify viral artist CANNON.

The stunning visuals narrate the story of 21-year old List driving through the desert in a red convertible escaping from her troubles and leaving her worries behind (including her former love interest). Wearing pink and blue wigs, we see List glamorously dressed in old Hollywood fashion, drinking Champagne and living her best life.

List’s accolades don’t stop at musician and actress - the fashionista also has her own clothing line ‘LIST BY PEYTON’, which was created with the ideology to bring a female first message to the forefront. With her socials garnering over 20 million followers, List realizes her ability for her voice to be heard and she is determined to make a powerful statement.

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