A month ago we made acquaintance with Phantastic Ferniture, the new Australian trio comprising Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes and Ryan K Brennan, with the kiss-off single 'Fuckin 'n' Rollin'. They're releasing their self-titled album on July 27th, and they have given us a second early bite of it with new single 'Gap Year'.

“This song is about just doing what you need to do, with no expectation of any kind of return. It's about trusting your instincts and not seeking validation," says Elizabeth Hughes. This feeling is wrought through their passionate rock'n'roll instincts, 'Gap Year' offering shelter in its comfortable guitars, but not really giving a shit if you take it or not.

Phantastic Ferniture have also created a video for 'Gap Year', Hughes explaining: "The video brings this idea to the screen - Julia and I are performing our hearts out to absolutely no one at one our favourite places on earth, Mt. Hay. The lack of audience doesn't dull our enthusiasm, and we know our companionship and community will be enough of a reward. It's poignant because we grew up in the mountains, both desperate for a stage.”

Watch below.

Phantastic Ferniture comes out July 27th on Transgressive.