Phantom strikes again... Travelling by car through the mountains to our next gig - Sorrento - we are hit by a torrential downpour, the first rain they've had here all summer! The venue is very chic - all red flock wallpaper and beautifully designed lighting - set right on the central square in Sorrento. Having successfully disrupted an18th birthday celebration in the place, we've just finished when the power in the whole square goes out, accompanied by St. Elmo's Fire, thunder, lightning, and more heavy rain... Photobucket After a nine hour train journey north, we leave the inclement weather behind and arrive in Genoa, our final destination. Amazingly, the first of our two gigs here goes off without any weather-related incidents and playing under a huge palm tree in the cooling night air made for quite a different and very pleasant experience. As we played to an interested crowd, even the ever-present wind died down and afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a large helping of chocolate & pistachio gelato... Related links: