This Brooklyn-via-Dallas musicmaker is Pharmakos and this is his latest track, 'Only Child'. Dripping with a spaghetti western sensibility but wrapped up in spacey reverb and heavy distortion, it's a satisfying track tagged 'cinematic', as the guitar plays harsh and slapdash in nouveau-blues. Halfway through, a vocal sample from somewhere begins talking at you, opening with the line "Evil is real…" It's a dark and brooding track, made all the more dark and brooding thanks to that voice, what it's saying, as well as the ominous twinkling that glitter-falls from the middle to the end.

It comes from his upcoming album, Nude, allegedly intended to be a concept album about the life of a serial killer – and you can see how; with a track name like 'Only Child' setting the scene for an isolated, messed-up childhood, and especially with the music as bleakly in turmoil as it is.

Nude is out 15th April on Dallas-based label Pour le Corps.