Although Brooklyn producer Phaseone's single ‘Hunter’ has been out for quite some time, his label Williams Street Records (fans may recognize it as the label affiliate of Adult Swim) have officially released it alongside some new information on the upcoming If I Tell U.

The new album, out May 7th, will feature the aforementioned ‘Hunter’ and previously released ‘Blood Spirit I', which are both available below. Williams Street Records have also released the official If I Tell U track listing.

If I Tell U Track List:

  • 1 Blood Spirit I
  • 2 Bodega
  • 3 Hunter
  • 4 Tangiers
  • 5 Hexagon Kingdom
  • 6 Bianca
  • 7 Tropicalist
  • 8 Arsenal Magnolia
  • 9 Kings
  • 10 Dialogue
  • 11 Phaseone