Don't let people say that, after making an album, bands tend to just bugger off to some luxurious island or sprawling metropolis to have a few weeks of unabashed hedonism before being dragged back to the studio to write something new by their propitious manager. It has been a year since Mount Eerie released Clear Moon And Ocean Roar but, instead of taking time off, Phil Elverum has got right back in the saddle and has already reissued much of his discography, unearthed a soundtrack for a short film from 2005 in his archives, and released a live album.

Not one to stop, even with all that under his belt this year, Elverum's next project is based around re-recording versions of tracks from his past two albums electronically, using Auto Tune on all of the vocal parts. The album is called Pre-Human Ideas and, rather than simply taking those songs as is, Elverum has said that many have been tweaked with and had new lyrics layered on top. It's due for release on November 12th and Elverum has given us a little taste of what to expect, which you can listen to below.

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