How many hours have you spent sitting looking blankly at your computer screen, one hand mindlessly clicking the 'next' button on a tumblr about cats and the other crudely shovelling heaps of badly branded beige food into your mouth at depressingly regular intervals? For most of us, this is a standard method of procrastination at may points during the week/day/hour. But one guy we bet doesn't partake in the wonders of such dilly-dallying is Phil Winter. Based in Atlanta, Georgia in the grand ol' USA, his creative mind spurts out photography and visual art, as well as designing clothing for two separate companies - Phil Winter Clothing and Local Trap Star. Phew.

Predominantly basing his artwork around his local hip-hop scene, his notoriety has grown from working with artists such as Honey Cocaine and Cyhi The Prince and art collectives like FRESH.I.AM. With a nomination for Visual Artist of the Year as herald to his professionalism, and photos which capture the cultural depth of the contemporary american underground lifestyle, this neoteric should inspire you to close those hundred YouTube tabs and create. But first, you can check out his ever-growing inventive empire on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.