Here's something new from Philly-based producer DJ Haram, who recently signed to Discwoman's DW Artist agency, which aims to represent and showcase cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent in electronic music.

In celebration of her recent signing, Haram has unveiled 'Birds of Paradise' which should fit in just fine in Philadelphia's already popular club scene. Speaking to The FADER, Haram explained "'Birds of Paradise' is a small fragment of my disorganized internal musical dialogue. Despite the name it should not be thought of as a delicate flower of a song, more like when you're crying tears of vindictive joy; everything is blurry but somehow more vibrant in color and you begin to appreciate spring's blooming foliage. I look forward expanding on and experimenting with the ideas and sounds in this track in my 2016 productions. Shout out to the motherland for all the fantasies and shout out to Jersey for the real life club music legacy."