Unless you've been cosying up under a rock, you'll be acutely aware of the fact that French indie-rockers Phoenix have a fresh new album coming out 22nd April, in the form of Bankrupt!. The first offering from this much-awaited record is 'Entertainment'; peppered with chintzy Eastern synth licks and massive pop choruses, it's distinctly Phoenix in its grandiosity. Though on the surface it's a bombardment of pep and grinning fireworks, the lyrics are jarringly maudlin: "Show them what you do with me, when everyone here knows better/ what I once refused to be, is everything they long together" muses vocalist Thomas Mars before a tirade of children herald the breakdown.

Blood Orange (producer Dev Hynes) highlights that thread of teary reflection, enlisting a recently reformed original Sugababes line-up – now known as Mutya Keisha Siobhan – to compliment the reworking with glossy pop harmonies. The faux-oriental riff and bombastic pomp are dialled right back, becoming comparatively minimalist. It's a sort of 80s new-wave take, complete with an echoing hair-ballad axe solo fuzzing away in the background. It's decisively more reserved, and the giddy juxtaposition is long gone. Hynes has subverted the single with splendour, hooking out the vital core of 'Entertainment' and staging that mood front and centre.

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