Featuring a larger-than-life sound and one of the strongest hooks of the early year, 'Some Days,' the new single from the Phoenix synth-pop duo MRCH, is a rousing celebration of our deepest passions, in whatever form they may come.

With evocative New Order-style guitars swirling around the band's rippling synths and tight drum work, 'Some Days' keys into a lot of emotions one can feel right in their gut. And like many of the best songs, the track manages to feel as though it is continually building with only a brief comedown in the bridge before a spectacular, shimmering finish. I would be hard-pressed to think of a recent song as tightly composed and produced as this one.

According to vocalist/guitarist Mickey Pangburn, the track is "a warm look back on where all our dreams came from and an honest hopeful look forward. It could be interpreted as an airy love song, but it’s really about any deep love we have."

You can celebrate your own loves by streaming MRCH's delightful 'Some Days' up above.