Label: Unsigned Release date: 29/09/10 Link: Bandcamp I don’t really know what to dub the genre of things like this. It’s in the same set up as Yppah, Mexicans With Guns, Day Of The Woman and the likes. Post Jazz maybe? Psych jazz? I really don’t know. The most important thing, however, clearly isn’t the genre, so I’ll describe the music for you. There’s a jazzy piano, a little bit of chanting, a few different synthy sounds and a hell of a lot of extremely talented drumming. Like the aforementioned bands, it’s really carried by the drums – no matter what else is going on, the drums will always take it to the next level. And that’s a theme that continues through the whole EP; the drums carrying the mellow, sunken synth, piano and guitar lines over and over again. And though each song is discernable and different, they end up sounding samey. It seems really harsh to say that, because each song is really very different, and all are finely made and with careful attention to detail, but they all end up a bit close for my liking. It’s one of those EPs you can listen to once in a while, but listen to it more than a few times in a week and it becomes background noise. It’s too comfortable almost. It doesn’t draw your attention to it, there’s nothing in your face about it, it’s just happy to make you come to it and enjoy it. It’s a great EP, no doubt about it. Everything from the instrumentation to the playing and even the tempos have been finely adjusted to get the right sound, but it all ends up a bit too close to wallpaper to have any lasting effect. Photobucket