When it comes to festival coverage, the music journalist perspective can become repetitive. So, to keep things, fresh, we asked Phoria to cover SXSW for us. Check out their awesome photos and words below.

We've just returned from over a week in Austin, Texas. We feel like we've been on another planet. Austin is insane. Everything is bigger, crazier, faster, more in your face than here in the UK. On our first night, we stayed in a typical all-American motel off the interstate, a visceral experience which included a police raid halfway through the night. Other residents were taken away in handcuffs while we were left to sleep between the sounds of sirens and shady dealings outside our windows.

We moved to an air BNB in Woodrow which was owned by a very relaxed Austin Hippy. Next door lived a great couple who now call themselves our American Mom and Dad, they had a pool and a hot tub in the garden which they gave us free access to... they also invited us to their Yoga classes. People in Austin are really friendly and generous of spirit too!

Sunbathing waiting for the bus with  Phoria by Ciara Nolan

Our official showcase was at the end of the week on Saturday 18th which meant we had a whole week to take in the sights, sounds, scents and food of the city. Austin is a pretty liberal place, every cab driver (we used Ride Austin who seemed to be an ethical company) had a story to tell... most of them were old hippies who had moved to Austin back in the 60's and regaled us with stories of nudist parks and crazy parties back in the day. They told us how Austin is the fastest developing city in the USA which is worrying for them but generally they shrugged this off with a "what will be, will be" attitude. That was most cab drivers but we did have others who had Super Mario Cart to play and another who was an ex-stand-up comedian who told us a lot of bad jokes....the fact is though that they all loved to chat.

cool shit at the convention centre  by Ciara Nolan

We were invited to the Spotify House Party - a 3-day party in a beautiful wooden Austin house complete with wraparound porch and big lofty rooms which were filled with 'touring essentials' from free socks to D'Addario instrument supplies! Fully restocked we hit the free bar and enjoyed the food too, we even had massages but decided against the free tattoos and haircuts. It was a great base for the three days; a tranquil oasis in a hot and busy city. We met a lot of friends there and made some new ones too. Thanks, Spotify.

Lost-in Texas by Ciara Nolan

Between us we took in as many bands as we could - the highlight for most of us was Sohn, who played the 4ad Mohawk stage. He played an epic and dynamic set; the lighting was immense too. Other artists experienced and enjoyed include Agnes Obel, Aldous Harding, Weaves and our good friends Mt.Wolf. Some of the street performers were incredible too and even if you couldn't get into a venue, there was always something happening somewhere. During SXSW the whole downtown area is alive with music and good vibes....it was impossible not to enjoy ourselves.

caption this by Ciara Nolan

We had a few hiccups too. Our gear - which was freighted over - got impounded due to some issue with the carnet (a nightmare document a bit like a passport for kit)! Trewin managed to charm the US freight agent to get out of bed at a ridiculous time of night and to go persuade the authorities to let our stuff through! It was touch and go there for a while but he prevailed and all was well in the end. We also had a concussed drummer who knocked himself out on the lower van roof when we were loading out of our rehearsal studio. We had a packed, schedule, and following rehearsal we had a photo shoot at the amazing Driskill Hotel and then a radio interview. Seryn, our drummer, soldiered on but he does look a bit dazed and confused in the photos and said nothing during the interview. A bit of ice and paracetamol sorted him out and all our research into emergency hospital care in the USA we didn't need in the end... phew!

BBQ Texan Style

With three massive foodies in our party we spent a lot of time checking out the amazing food on offer in Austin. There was a huge range of fresh and organic produce at our local Arlans, and a deli which served hands down one of the best pizzas ever. Everyone raved about Texan BBQ's too so we took the time to go out of town to Style Switch a joint recommended by our neighbours. Wow, the best meat we've ever eaten. Indescribably good, we could barely move afterwards but it was totally worth it. We loved the Tex-Mex vibe too and ate more guacamole in a week than ever before in our lifetimes.

Tim pre show by Ciara Nolan

Our showcase happened at Sidewinder on the Saturday and despite trying to squeeze so many of us onto a small stage and having to cut some tracks due to time constraints it was really fun to play. The audience were fantastic and we met some mega fans which, when you are halfway around the world is so humbling.

SXSW... we'll definitely be back. Besides, we'll need to visit our American Mom and Dad again real soon y'all.

Trewin and Tim pre show by Ciara  Nolan
The thinking man Tim pre gig by  Ciara Nolan
The British Embassy by ciara  nolan
Trewin pre gig by Ciara Nolan
Trewin of Phoria and Stevie of  Mt.Wolf chatting at Spotify house by Ciara Nolan
Trewin is a Nice Kitty by Ciara  Nolan
Trewin in Woodrow by Ciara  Nolan
Trewin relaxing on the porch at the  Spotify House by Ciara Nolan
The German Haus by Ed
The Driskill Hotel by ed
republic of texas by ed
post BBQ by Ed
Red River street by Ciara  Nolan
Mt.Wolf at Javelina SXSW
Street performers 1 at SXSW by  Ciara Nolan
st.Patricks day at SXSW
Phoria play Sidewinder by Ciara  Nolan
Phoria larking about in the burbs  Austin Texas by Ciara Nolan
Ed onstage at Sidewinder by Ciara  Nolan
Ladies loo sweet Grafitti by Ciara  Nolan
Anti Trump protestors downtown  Austin by Ciara Nolan
I hate you so much - Seryn our  drummer at Bungalow SXSW
yard sale by Ciara Nolan
yard sale 1 by Ciara Nolan
Olli our Sound Engineer downtown  Austin by Ciara Nolan
Cheese downtown Austin