01 Here are some of the records we put out in 2005. Plus one we didn't. 10 scene points if you can figure it out.

02 Apparently, in 2005 we signed Secondsmile while wearing pyjamas, during Christmas tours which took years off all of our lives.

03 In 2007, we began the BSM 5-a-side football tournament. This is the majority of people who took part and as became tradition, someone broke their arm.

04 Gotta say, 2008 was a vintage year. Debut releases from Tubelord, Pulled Apart By Horses, Blakfish, TTNG and more. Feel like I really phoned that advert design in though.

05 This was our 2009 office.

06 We put on the first of our annual The Great Escape showcases in May 2009. It took place at The Hobgoblin, the toilets got blocked, and the place was filled with an inch of piss.

07 I've spoken about this one a lot before but the headline is in 2010 we put out a square-shaped 7" by Andrew WK and talked a lot about Mr Bean.

08 We released the debut Tall Ships album in 2012. At this point, we shared an office in East London with Holy Roar and Blood and Biscuits. The band would often crash on the floor. This is a photo I awoke to one morning of Jamie, Tall Ships' drummer, helping himself to our merch.

09 It's a well-known fact we put out the best looking vinyl around. This Beach Slang one from 2015 is a personal favourite.

10 In 2016, Team BSM won our own 5-a-side tournament for the second year in a row and it was decided we'd end the competition the following year. It just wasn't fair anymore.

11 Gnarwolves recorded their second full-length album in 2017. Here's our boss Ron and producer Lewis John's dog Olive checking out the mixes

12 In 2017, we opened our first popup shop in London and it absolutely blew us away. So many people turned up!

13 Even Modern Baseball came.

14 13 years on, as you can see we've upped our signing game somewhat. Gone are the pyjamas and dirty living rooms and in are the feather pens and Wetherspoons. Look how happy Doe are about this fact

15 That said, we haven't entirely grown up. Here's us, Delta Sleep and Gender Roles packed into a pub photo booth during a "meeting" last year.

16 Ten years after my first visit, 2019 was the year of the first ever BSM SXSW showcase and not only that, The Get Up Kids, my all-time favourite band, played it and the sold out room sang every word. A real moment both personally and professionally.

17 Here's our little team. This shot was taken at Big Day Out, a festival we organised in London last September.

18 Simply had to end it on this. We recently put out a pay what you want picture disc LP featuring a bunch of our current bands including American Football, Jamie Lenman, Pedro The Lion, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Cursive, mewithoutYou and more. It was (yet) a(nother) dumb idea but they all sold out in just 6 hours, with people being way more generous than we ever could've hoped. A nice moment to celebrate the wonderful roster and fanbase we've been so lucky to gather over the past 18 years.

Big Scary Monsters' 250th release is called Let's Just Do It And Be Legends, and features tracks from the likes of American Football, Martha, Delta Sleep, Pedro The Lion and more. Be sure to head here to find out more. Hat tip to anyone that made it out to one of the Surf Wax America shows we put on with them a long time ago.