Pre-production was my co-producer and I driving tons of equipment from his studio in Portland, OR down to the Dangerbird studio in Los Angeles. We camped along the way.

This is where my rhythm section, Josh Werner and Jon Ulman, fell in love.

Rilke is always a source of inspiration for me.

Also, a great source of inspiration.

We had a pretty open door policy of friends coming by and hanging out with us while we recorded. Since we were living at the studio for a month, if you wanted to see us that's where you came. This is my dear friend, Natalie Morales, being a total babe on the studio couch.

We tracked "basics" on 22 songs in 5 days. Not all of which were totally done lyrically, so this was the tent where I would be sent to finish writing the songs.

This is a quote from Cris Williamson's 1978 album Lumiere that we had taped to the wall in the control room.

It's always a good idea to get a haircut mid record-making process.

This is what it looks like when you have cramps, but you still have to make a record.

Living at Dangerbird for a month, my favourite time of day was when it was dark enough to go and turn on the lights on the palm trees that can be seen all over east LA.

This is the lovely Jenny Wade by the palm trees outside Dangerbird.

Jenny Wade brought us homemade donuts.

We shared the donuts.

This is Jared Samuel, Aka The Wizard, he is the MVP of this record. He co-produced, arranged strings/horns and played on just about every track. I couldn't have done it without him.

This is Maria Eisen, she has been playing baritone sax with me for about 10 years. She is the baddest of the bad and grooves like no other. We flew her out from NYC and put her straight to work for three days straight. Obviously, we wore her out!

Eventually, everyone fell asleep on the couch.

This guy was fired after kept yelling "MORE MELODICA" on every song.

Simone Van Seenus came by to sing some gorgeous back vocals and also gave me a tattoo of Mt Hood on my finger in honour of the song on the record with the same title. There is a longer story to this one, but maybe another time.

Photo by Jen Rosenstein. This hat by Amber Ibarache says it all.


Holly Miranda's new album, Mutual Horse, is out on February 23rd via Dangerbird. Check out the video for 'Exquisite' below.