Bassist Kera on the border between California and Oregon, clutching the masterwork All Night Long

On the California/Oregon border, already freezing. We were chasing the frigid cold along the whole run

At my sister’s place in Albany, Oregon where we stayed the night and ate ice cream

And Kera held her chickens, and me and drummer Brian were obviously too frightened

Puget Sound. My family has deep roots in Seattle, so it was nice to stay there a couple nights

Backstage Moore Theater, Seattle

Backstage Moore Theater, Seattle. I busted my acoustic guitar on show 3 in Portland and found this beautiful replacement for $100 at American Music in Seattle. It’s still with me, as of writing in London

I would say 80% of tour is waiting around and looking at your phone

With Klara from First Aid Kit backstage

Post-show with Johanna from First Aid Kit, posing completely naturally

With Papa Benkt, Dad of Klara and Johanna and front of house for First Aid Kit

Not looking good at all in Brian’s glasses

An excited Los Angeleno in the snow

Boston, House of Blues

CBS This Morning, after performing live

Random AirBnB in Brooklyn. The place looked great but had random men sleeping on couches and a large knife sitting on the toilet. It smelled worse than you are imagining it smelling right now

Greta Morgan, of Springtime Carnivore, came out to play with us on CBS This Morning and a session on WFUV

Greta Morgan

Somewhere along the very long drive home from New York to Los Angeles, trying to wake up a bit for the next 10 hours of driving

A gorgeous road-side painting that I wholeheartedly approve of. Somewhere in Oregon


Van William's debut album, Countries, is out now.