Packing the essentials before I’m off to a 10-hour flight.


My cute little Japanese grandma dropped me off. The international terminal of the airport is my favorite because it’s always so calm and empty.


Bare-faced bathroom mirror selfie before I board.


Leave it to Vegas to try and steal whatever you have left before you leave…


The flight was actually lovely. I got a whole row to myself so I slept most of the way. When I got up to stretch my legs, I was greeted with this gorgeous sunset.


Finally arrived at The Hotel Nobis after a very long day of traveling. Sweden does not play around with interior design.


My first room ended up having problems with it’s door so they moved me to this first floor room with a one of a kind vintage mirror and street view.


I fell asleep for 4 hours but woke up at 3 am and never fell asleep again. Then, I went down to get breakfast and coffee before a day of exploring. European coffee is so strong. Starbucks has nothing on them.


This was my view as I walked to the local bakery. Sweden’s sidewalks and roads look very similar so you could say it was a bit dangerous and confusing at times.


This was the bakery I went to. I ordered the famous Swedish pastry named “Fika” and it came with a cute little water bottle.


I stumbled into a few boutiques as I walked around town, but I didn’t feel like spending $600 on a t-shirt.


My outfit of the day :)


As I got hungry, all the restaurants around me were way too pricey with menus I couldn’t understand, so I settled for this cute mom and pop cafe and had a lovely spaghetti bolognese.


Ended a long day of exploring with a nice workout. All though I did way too much after not working out for awhile, so safe to say it hurt less to take the elevator from then on.


Morning of day 3. These were the stairs from my hotel room to the breakfast lounge.


I ended up choosing this cozy nook to have my morning meal.


Every morning I would come to breakfast as soon as it opened because it was my favorite part of the day. My mouth still waters thinking about that croissant.


8am - arrived at the photo studio, getting hair and makeup ready.


This is where we had lunch. It was snowing all day so we got a front row seat with these huge open windows.


Finally wrapped after a long day. Off to the airport!


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