We present you with Steve Sweet's Where Did You Sleep Last Night? series.

The project comes from my interest in the real people behind the stage persona. That when they're onstage, musicians and singers can seem otherworldly, removed from normal existence. They're worshiped and praised by an audience that doesn't see them return to the budget hotel room and shed the mask they wear for the public.

There's a good chance that the artist you idolise is sleeping in a bed last occupied by a lonely businessman in town for a tedious conference or a vomiting bride on her hen party. And there's a good chance that the band are better behaved, just wanting to sleep before hitting the road again the next day.

Everything about mid-range hotels creates anonymity, strips the personality from its occupant. A massive change for the artist who an hour ago was on stage, an individual. Booking errors, double beds instead of twins, closed restaurants all return your heroes to Earth as they wait, exhausted, for the duty manager to find promised rooms in a fully booked hotel.

In some ways, the shoots that haven't happened are more telling than the ones that have. Artists who, conscious of their public image, don't want to be seen in a dirty, old two-star room. An African band who felt that being seen on a tour bus wasn't in keeping with their desert nomad image. Despite my protestations that this was the exact thing the project was meant to reveal, PR and image won out. Some bands view their rooms as their sanctuary away from performance and, understandably, the last thing they want post-show is a photographer invading that space.

Everyone who has been involved has been hugely accommodating. Many of the artists have contributed their own thoughts and ideas and I'm hugely grateful to them all for letting me extend their night for a few more minutes to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

Alloysious Massaquoi & Graham Hastings of Young Fathers


Bob Log III


Gift Of Gab of Blackalicious


Buzz Osborne


Cattle Decapitation


Lassana Diabate of Trio Da Kali


The Handsome Family


William Mecum of Karma To Burn


Young Fathers