There's that old adage that dogs are a man's best friend, and it's one that rings especially true when you return from a long trip (or even just a trip to the corner shop to get some milk) and you open the door to see your pooch bounding up to you like a partner waiting for their other half to return from the war. But what does your dog look like while it is waiting for you?

Freelance photographer Maija Astikainen, based in Finland, decided to capture shots of pets that have been left at home by their owners. Shooting in homes around Helsinki and Madrid, Astikainen captures the dogs waiting intently for the return of their owner. Some, such as the dog in the shower, look extremely glum whereas others, such as the dog snuggled in the blankets, look as though they're loving the freedom. One-Dog Policy is an ongoing series so expect more from Astikainen soon.

Source: Design Taxi