“In places it's as though a butterfly had fluttered lazily through the mid-morning air and O'Halloran had soundtracked its flight, while other moments allude to humankind's innermost flutterings—of the heart and soul.” Michael Hubbard I’m sure Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette is familiar to many, but what about the pianist behind the two beautiful opuses (Opus 17, 36), which pretty much make the film...? Dustin O’Halloran and his heart-swelling piano solos are breathtaking, serene, and imbue an eerie calm to the bare realities of the piano melodies. Think mist and rain, the fall breeze rushing through the vulnerability of leaves, or the first fall of snow. Part of the dreampop duo Devics with Sara Lov, Dustin has released his own two volumes of collected piano sonatas, Piano Solos , over the past couple of years and is currently on tour! Similar to the Romantic poets such as Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, or Matthew Arnold, O’Halloran departed his home in California and relocated to “blissful isolation” at his home in Italy where he recorded on a restored Swiss Sabel piano. His chief inspirations are said to be from the epic and everlasting classical musicians, Beethoven, Debussy, Satie, and Chopin; however, what Dustin captures is the enigmatic eeriness of postmodern beauty. His collections of sonatas are poignantly enchanting as they captivate the vulnerability of raw sentiment and grace of the piano keys; each individual piece is nothing but delicate. Now, as for the motivational push to listen to some classical music, here's the "music video" of Opus 23 directed by Marco Morandi. I promise you it's worth the 3 minutes 33 seconds of your day! It's delicate, very dream-like, expressive, and simplistically beautiful... Opus 23 on YouTube “There was even a small hesitation to even play these songs for people as it felt so personal, but in the end I think that is what music should be.... vulnerable. It’s just me and the piano and all that I can give through it.” –Dustin O’Halloran www.dustinohalloran.com, MySpace www.devics.com, MySpace Sara Lov