Chris Turpin from Kill It Kid was nice enough to tell us about the album/film/book that he couldn't live without if he was stranded on a desert island! Whats your favourite album at the moment? 'After the Gold Rush'- Neil Young What was the last book you read? 'Another Country' by James Baldwin What was the last film you saw? The Godfather part II Desert Island Moment: What film/book/CD would you bring and why? 'The Subterraneans'- Jack Kerouac You could re-read each part of this book tens of times and probably read it differently. It would probably keep me from missing civilisation! 'Paris Texas' Its really beautiful, one of my favourite films and soundtracks. 'The Freewheelin Bob Dylan'- Bob Dylan This is one album I've listen to for years, and I still get as excited listening to it now as I did I when I first heard it.