In the final part of our 'FatCat/OLI appreciation' day we get to see what Shain Shapiro (press) would bring with him to a dessert island and what he's been playing on his CD player recently. Favourite album of the moment? Frida Hyvonen for me. Her album 'Silence Is Wild' is beguiling. Last Book you read? I'm reading a book called 'In Europe' by Dutch journalist Geert Mak. He travels around retracing history from 1899 on. It's about 1000 pages, so heavy on the tube. Last Film you saw? Vicky Christina Barcelona.  It's OK...The cinematography is amazing.  I love Catalonia. Desert Island Moment: What film/book/CD would you bring and why? That changes every day. Right now, it's probably 'Big Fish' for a movie, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace RIP for a book and The Weakerthans 'Left and Leaving' for a CD. Links