Picture Book are sibling duo Dario Darnell and Lorne Ashley. Born in New York City and now based in Liverpool, the pair had a good footing into the industry, with their father, August Darnell, being the lead singer of the legendary musical group, Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Their debut EP was crafted whilst they both studied at Liverpool and although the sound fits under the genre category of electronica, inspiration has seemingly come from all parts of the spectrum, with additional help from Grammy nominated vocalist Greta Svabo Beck. Think Deadmau5. Think 'Raise Your Weapon'.

The first taste of Picture Book is 'Sunshine', the opener on the EP, involves a catchy chorus, sweet harmonies and a summery synth backing the pair thrust you into their debut release. 'Jealousy', the most "pop" sounding of the 4 tracks, is almost like when Sophie Ellis-Bextor tried to be really cool? Don't pretend you don't remember. Again, a catchy rhythm and chorus but lacks a certain depth. A very conventional pop song but all in all, a little bit dry.

'Terminally in Love' is the most stripped back of the tracks. Lyrically advanced and displays the talent of Greta Svabo Beck’s voice to its full capacity. A gentle step away from electronica into a relaxed, dreamy ecstasy. The final track 'Surrender', is the most raw electronic track.

The EP does demonstrate the breadth of skills the duo have, with the uptempo 'Sunshine' and the more reflective 'Terminally in Love' but there just seems to be a lack of depth. The songs are fairly short but are by no means snappy. Picture Book have a long way to go until they produce that perfect novel.