Four years after the release of Thee Physical, Brooklyn-via-Denver producer and underground fixture Pictureplane has announced his proper follow-up with his Anticon debut Technomancer.

The new album, according to Pictureplane's website, is "personal enlightenment through anarchy, resistance and sorcery over modern machinery." As evident by the album's title track, Pictureplane will be exploring darker industrial elements, complete with surprising lyrical inclusion that borders on gothic revivalism.

Listen to Pictureplane's new 'Technomancer' below and look out for Pictureplane's new album of the same name, coming October 30th via the aforementioned Anticon.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1. Sick Machine
  • 2. Esoterrorist
  • 3. Joyrider
  • 4. Death Condition
  • 5. Street Pressure
  • 6. Harsh Realm
  • 7. Self Control
  • 8. Chaos Radical
  • 9. Technomancer
  • 10. Riot Porn
  • 11. Live Forever