Pinegrove have endured a trying couple of years but have come through it stronger and better than ever. They've already got a bunch of new material it seems, and they've got a new home on which to release it: Rough Trade. The first song that Pinegrove have shared through the legendary label is 'Moment', and Evan Stephens Hall tells us "‘Moment’ for me was a way of thinking about gratitude in the context of chaos or tedium. This last stanza says directly what i say more obliquely in the verses, zeroing in after a meandering route”:

I’m in this moment
& i can’t see past it
I’m in this disaster
I’m in this traffic
& it keeps on going
but it keeps me asking
what’s in this moment?

The singer has always found a simply poetic way to put a resonant spin on indefinable yet universal feelings, and on 'Moment' he's done it yet again. It's a song about being afraid of the future, but accepting it; "I'm scared to know/ but I need to know," he sings powerfully on the song's main hook. Behind him, Pinegrove preside over the swashbuckling indie rock in style, buffeting through and emphasising the emotion of their singer with glistening guitars and precision drumming. As we head into the final verse, highlighted by Evan above, we're right along with him as we sail into the uncertainty of the oncoming 'Moment'.

No news just yet on what's next in store for Pinegrove, but you can keep up with them by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.