While the wave of justified excitement continues to wash over Pink Floyd fans after announcing the release of The Endless River in July, details of the album of finally been confirmed.

From the forthcoming November issue of Uncut, which will be featuring members David Gilmour and Nick Mason on its cover (per SteveHoffman.TV), it was revealed that Gilmour and Mason recorded that album late last year and spent upwards of a month overdubbing the guitars and drums. Roxy Music member Phil Manzanera was also involved in the process. Since the leak, of sorts, Pink Floyd's website confirmed even more details.

The 18-track album will be available on CD, double vinyl, and as a deluxe package. The two also confirmed that much of the material was not spun from Gilmour's very hyped unreleased 1995 album The Big Spliff, which was set to be a largely experimental record.

The interview goes on to detail the album's four-sided approach, bringing in various moods and elements to incorporate "more atmospheric and digressive aspects of Pink Floyd and includes snippets of conversation."

See the full tracklist for The Endless River below.

  • 01. Things Left Unsaid
  • 02. It’s What We Do
  • 03. Ebb And Flow
  • 04. Sum
  • 05. Skins
  • 06. Unsung
  • 07. Anisina
  • 08. The Lost Art of Conversation
  • 09. On Noodle Street
  • 10. Night Light
  • 11. Allons-y (1)
  • 12. Autumn’68
  • 13. Allons-y (2)
  • 14. Talkin’ Hawkin’
  • 15. Calling
  • 16. Eyes To Pearls
  • 17. Surfacing
  • 18. Louder Than Words