Russian band Pinkshinyultrablast have had their track 'Holy Forest' remixed by Athens-based duo, Keep Shelly In Athens. The five-piece from St Petersburg are releasing an album called Everything Else Matters on 26th January, on Club AC30.

The original 'Holy Forest' is a genuine delight of repetition and polyrhythms, hazy pop and colossal distortion, a merging of melody with noise. The remix by Greek duo Keep Shelly In Athens is an atmospheric affair that sounds basically nothing like its source material, filled with robust strings and abrasive bass with a thumping beat, a song that gradually, with electronic bass and synth pads, turns into a skiffling hi-tempo number, if only for half a minute or so. It's a slow-builder, gloriously textured and shifting between moods, and one that gets even better as it goes along.

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