Taking the original 'Water Came Down' by Rosie Lowe, with all its clean-cut production, alienesque vocal samples and lush voice layering, Spanish producer Miguel Barros aka Pional turns it into something else entirely.

For at least the first half, the track is riddled with a bloopsome bassline, alongside skittering metallic percussion sheaving through beneath Rosie Lowe's vocals, preserved as they were and sometimes delaying into space. The second half is pure bliss, a slow build up past dynamic stops in sound, analogue synths rising cutting out softly with each achingly rhythmic sub-bass kick, thin snares whispering as the song reaches its blissful finish, Lowe's vocals now stuck in silken loops.

A lovely, unpredictable reworking, it's as sparse as it is full of flavour, as ambient as it is unignorably in the foreground, and it's Pional all over.